the Canadian Rockies’ first snowboarding company

"We exist to help snowboarders connect more with the mountains and their riding, so they can truly enjoy everything snowboarding has to offer"

Focus Snowboards is a co-creative endeavor for local owners Leo & Kahli. With a combined 50 seasons of experience in the winter industry around the world, Kahli as the Artistic Director and Leo as Director of Board & Rider Development, they’ve combined their strengths and expertise in Focus Snowboards.

Built on 3 simple values:

Snow texture and creative artwork with Banff's first snowboarding company, Focus Snowboards.


As a rider owned and operated, local company, we want to keep our mountain lifestyle at the heartbeat of what we do. Some call it work life balance, though it runs deeper than that for us. It’s about the quality time not only together, but in our surroundings and pairing that with doing the things that we love and the things that fill our souls. Whatever your version of that looks like, this is ours. The culture of snowboarding is embedded in our community in the Rockies and we want to continue to support this way of life and the enjoyment that comes with it.
Snow texture and creative artwork with Banff's first snowboarding company, Focus Snowboards.


This is our chance to bring together our love for art and the freedom that comes with snowboarding. Spending so much time in the mountains allows us a chance to continually look at things differently. Everything from the way we choose to ride, through to the way we see the world around us. We will continue to look at snowboarding and snowboard design as creatively as possible as we move into the years we have ahead of us. The vision behind this company value is heavily driven by Kahli’s influence and input. Read more behind her vision below.
Snow texture and creative artwork with Banff's first snowboarding company, Focus Snowboards.


Our take on life has always been to look ahead and strive to be a better version of ourselves. It’s this underlying theme of perpetual movement and improvement which is a big part of why snowboarding feels so addictive and freeing at the same time. We will continue to create products that will add to the on-snow experience of our riders. The vision behind this company value is heavily driven by Leo’s influence and input. Read more behind his vision below.

Kahli - Co Founder & Creative Director

Living in the Rockies has provided Kahli no shortage of creative inspiration. As a National Geographic photographer, Kahli is no stranger to watching the light move through the mountains. The priority was to capture images that represent the very nature of the Canadian Rockies and fit it into the constraints of a snowboard topsheet.

"I aspire for these boards to feel like a piece of artwork, which is why we’ve decided to run each graphic as a limited edition. To me, snowboarding transcends just the act of sliding on snow. It offers freedom, inspiration, fun and connection. I wanted the boards to feel like a reflection of everything this company was born from - world class terrain, breathtaking scenery and, of course, some of the best days of our lives! "

As a company, we also wanted to move away from men’s and women’s specific graphics and instead feature timeless artwork that would suit all riders.

See more of Kahli's professional work here.

Leo - Co-founder & Director of Board & Rider Development

Having spent over 15 years as a coach, snowboard instructor trainer & mentor, Leo’s experience watching real riders dealing with real challenges was foundational to our board design and rider development program.

"It was close to my heart that as a company we supported riders beyond the point of purchase and for that reason, every board includes personalized video coaching with me to help you understand your riding and get more from your on-snow experience."

With an inclusive sizing ethos for our boards, Leo focused on two themes during board design, simplicity and versatility, so that we could create boards that can handle the harsh conditions and variety of terrain on offer in the Rockies.