Personalized Video Coaching

As you know, at Focus Snowboards, we care about your on-snow experience with our boards. We want you to feel supported beyond the point of purchase. For this reason, every snowboard comes with included personalized video coaching to help you understand more about your riding and get the most from your time on our snowboards.

How do I get my video coaching?

Once you've ordered your limited edition snowboard from us, you'll receive email instructions for the steps to take to make the most of your video coaching with us.

What is included with my personalized coaching?

Your personalized video coaching will be delivered in two core steps. Firstly, based on your personal goals and any existing challenges in your riding, you'll receive a video to unpack and breakdown your current riding. This is to help you understand more about the way you move your body and the effect that those movements have on the snowboard. This first step to broaden your understanding of your riding will help when it comes to implementing any changes.

Secondly, you'll receive a short series of step-by-step videos to target your specific needs. This will include an overview of why each step is useful for you, how to do it and be your personalized pathway to progression.

The overall goal is to build your knowledge base and help you with some self-help steps to improve the way you move on your snowboard.


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